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Antique Mall Booth Ideas - New Items & Fresh Displays at Pomona Antique Mart

October 14, 2019

Antique Mall Booth Ideas - New Items & Fresh Displays at Pomona Antique Mart

Hey everyone! If you're looking for antique mall booth ideas I hope I can inspire you a little. I moved into my front window space at Pomona Antique Mart a few months ago and it's been great so far! 

The summer was a little crazy but since the kids have been back in school I've had more time to spend in my space. Last week I brought in several new items and set up some fresh displays. It was nice to work leisurely, and not have to run off to summer camp pick-up before noon! Here are some fresh photos of the shop. Feel free to message me if you see anything you like. All smalls are available for free shipping within the United States.

antique mall booth ideas mendez manorantique mall booth ideas Mendez Manor


It's still pretty warm here in Southern California, but the mornings are getting cooler, and I'm excited that Fall is just around the corner. I changed out my shop table display with some new fall items. I've got a few faux cotton balls and faux cotton sprigs. I love to decorate with these in the late summer and early fall. I've also got some freshly planted succulents, new stoneware pieces, and some beautiful new candlestick holders.
antique mall booth ideas


Our family gets together for apple picking every year, the first weekend in October. I love this tradition and I find myself looking forward to it as early as mid August. We spend the day picking and the next day we gather again for a big dinner in which all the recipes include the apples we collected the day before. It's a fun time for our family and it has become the kicking off point to our holiday season.
In the shop I have lots of baskets perfect for apple picking. Plus, a whole set of clear glass apple plates, perfect for an early Fall dinner party. I also brought in my collection of vintage paper mache apple ornaments. I have them available in bags by the dozen. You can find some here in my online shop as well. These little apple ornaments are so classic and they make great decor all season long!
antique mall booth ideas apple picking display
My space at Pomona Antique Mart is in the front right corner so you can't miss it. It's in downtown Pomona at 200 E. 2nd Street, Pomona, Ca. Open everyday 10:30 - 5:30. Feel free to message me with any questions. I try to respond as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading!

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