Virtual Interior Design

Do you want a "decorated" home but need a little help getting started? I'm your girl! Here at Mendez Manor we specialize in helping out clients create a cohesive and professionally designed room on their own. Our process is simple and fun! Follow these 3 steps to get started today:

  1. Choose & purchase the package that best suits your needs. 
  2. Fill out our fun and interactive questionnaire.
  3. Sit back and watch your dream home come to life!


In the past year Virtual Home Design has become our best selling service. For a budget friendly price point, we deliver our clients a cohesive room design that they can easily go out and put together on their own.

Our process is easy and fun! One of our client's biggest challenges when they come to us is visualizing the big picture. Our 3D photorealistic renderings help you visualize your space before going out and making any big purchases.

online interior designer
My name is Nicole Mendez and as lead designer, I act as project manager for every client we have. I have a B.F.A in interior design and 10+ years experience in the design industry. We take a limited number of new clients each month so that we can offer a highly personalized service and a customer satisfaction guarantee. With our extended service package we can even help you execute your design plan step-by-step and avoid costly mistakes along the way.