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about the founder

Meet Nicole Mendez

Hi, I’m Nicole Mendez - Founder of Mendez Manor Interior Design. I hold a B.F.A in interior design and over 15 years experience serving residential design clients. I have specialized in a variety of residential design areas including custom window coverings, custom upholstery, antique sourcing and designing Airbnb vacation rental units.

My personal style is a laid back “California Casual” look that mixes modern and vintage finds. I am inspired by nature, travel, and all things that bring a time-honored sense of nostalgia. I live in Southern California with my husband and two children, and little-by-little, we are updating our own early 90’s tract home.

I enjoy helping my clients create comfortable living spaces, with character and depth, that reflect their own personal style…and for my clients who aren’t sure what their own personal style is, I enjoy helping them find it! My team and I value professionalism, dependability, and mindfulness during all stages of the design process. We would love to work with you!

about our process

How We Work


P H A S E  O N E : G A T H E R  I N F O R M A T I O N
  • I gather all the information needed so I can design the best
    possible space for you.


P H A S E  T W O : S P A C E  P L A N N I N G
  • I create a floorplan for your space. Once a floorplan is approved
    we will move onto the next phase.


P H A S E  T H R E E : S O U R C I N G
  • I source my favorite furniture and accessories for your space
    according to the budget you provide.


P H A S E  F O U R : R E V I S I O N S
  • We work together to revise the design until it fits your
    preferences and budget perfectly.


P H A S E  F I V E : A D V I S I N G
  • I am available to advise as you purchase items and bring your
    design to life.

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