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10 foolproof steps for creating a professional and cohesive design plan for your home!

Welcome to Mendez Manor – an online interior design studio & home decor shop

Hi I'm Nicole Mendez! My goal is to offer inspiration, motivation, practical solutions and become your “Go-To-Girl” for design advice and home decor tips.  

With my online interior design (e-design) services I'm able to help my clients create a professional level of design throughout their home. My team and I will work within your budget & preferences to create a cohesive design plan tailored to your style. I will stick with you for guidance and consultation as you bring your design to life.

I design, you implement and together we create! A client recently referred to me as her "design therapist" and I hope I can provide the same service for you!

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“ Our home feels like it's been to therapy! Nicole is like an "interior design therapist" and now, my home feels like the heaven on earth! ”

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“ With no personal experience in a whole home renovation, we found in Nicole someone who understood the vision and concept of our plans (better than we did). ”

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