How To Mix Metal Finishes In Your Home – Four Tips For A Cohesive Look

How To Mix Metal Finishes In Your Home - Four Tips For A Cohesive Look

One of my client’s biggest concerns when it comes to remodeling a kitchen or bathroom has to do with mixing metal finishes. They want to know, is it okay and how to do it properly. The answer is YES! It is okay to mix metal finishes and the truth is, there really are no rules that you have to stick by. That said, some of my clients love rules! So, for those of you who prefer some guidelines on the matter, here are 4 tips for mixing metal finishes that will ensure a cohesive look in your space.

  1. Stick with two finishes that contrast
  2. Use each finish 2-3 times throughout your space
  3. Think of your finish as a color.
  4. Incorporate a single piece with multiple finishes

Stick with two finishes from different color families…

There are really no rues about how many finishes you can have in a room, BUT if you are concerned about mixing them with grace, I’d say stick with two finishes max. Limiting your design to two metal finishes keeps it simple and should still give you plenty of options when it comes to sourcing things like faucets, cabinet pulls, and towel hooks. Your finishes should also contrast in color. If you try to mix two finishes of similar color, it will end up looking like you tried to match and failed. When mixing metals, what you want is an intentional blend of two different finishes. Below are some of our favorite mixed metal combinations!

metal finish combinations

Use each finish 2-3 times throughout your space…

When introducing a new finish make sure to use it at least 2-3 times throughout your space. You don’t want to bring in a new item and have it be the only piece in the room with that finish. Spread each finish around the room so your eye naturally jumps from piece to piece. You can use the triangle rule if you need help. With the triangle rule, each finish should be placed around the space so that you can draw a triangle in the air with your finger to visually connect them.

I love the subtle mix of brushed nickel and soft brass in the this bathroom design above by Driven By Decor.

Think of your finish as a color…

Thinking of your finish as a color can be helpful. Polished brass reads as gold, polished nickel reads as grey and antique bronze reads as brown. You can introduce a new finish into a space as long as its color exists somewhere else in the room. For example, in the vision board below, the brushed chrome floor lamp works because the color ties in with the grey concrete coffee table and the grey accent pillow. It’s blending well even though the lamp is the only actual metal finish in the room. 

living room design mixing metal finishes

Incorporate a single item with multiple finishes…

If you really want to make a statement about mixing finishes, incorporate an item that has two or more of the finishes you want to combine. Light fixtures are a great way to do this! The board below shows some of our favorite mixed metal light fixtures.

mixed finish pendants

Mixing metal finishes throughout your home…

Here are my thoughts on mixing metal finishes throughout your entire home. If you are working on a new build or remodeling multiple rooms in your home, I do recommend staying somewhat consistent with your metal finishes. However, if you are working on a single room remodel, it’s not necessary to match the finishes you already have in other rooms or change out the finishes you already have to match your new ones. It’s ok to go with whatever you like for your new space. Just make sure that everything is that new space is consistent. I hope these tips help! Feel free to reach out or connect with us on Instagram @mendezmanor if you have any questions. – Nicole Mendez, Designer


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