5 Things To Update In Your Home This Summer

things to update in your home this summer

Summer is a good time to update your home with certain items that will help you enjoy your outdoor spaces and bare the season’s heat. We put together this list of items we recommend upgrading in your home around this time of year.


Windows are responsible for 90% of our home’s insulation. If you are losing heat or air- conditioning through your windows, you are losing lots of money. With less rain and more sunny days ahead, now is a perfect time to do the research and make this important upgrade. We are in the process of updating our own windows this summer. I will post about it on the blog soon. Until then you can follow my updates on Instagram.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are very useful for keeping your home cooler during the summer evenings. If your ceiling fan is dated, replacing it with a nice modern one is a fairly simple upgrade that can make a huge difference visually. I curated some of my current favorite ceiling fan lights and linked them here.

Bed Sheets

Your bed sheets can keep you cool and fresh at night if you have the right ones! Opt for 100% cotton sheets in the summer for cool and comfy nights. Not only are cotton sheets more breathable than other materials but they get softer with every wash. There’s nothing better than crawling into fresh sheets after a long day of summer activities!

Outdoor Cushions

Updating your outdoor cushions is a great way to refresh your patio or deck without having to purchase all new furniture. Cushions get dirty and faded over time and should ideally be replaced every few years to maintain a bright appearance. I curated some of my favorite replacement cushions for dining chairs, chaise loungers and more. You can find them linked here.

Outdoor Dinnerware

Tis’ the season for outdoor dining so why not make sure you have everything you need for throwing a beautiful dinner party al fresco style! Plastic drink ware is a must for our backyard, and I love the colorful melamine patterns that are available right now. This summer is the perfect time to lose your old scratched up plasticware and upgrade your outdoor dining game.


How To Shop My Favorites

My team and I are constantly working on curating our favorite products for the home. We post them first to my LTK shop, which you can explore here. You can also download the LTK app and search for my account: MendezManor or copy and paste this link into your browser: https://www.shopltk.com/explore/MendezManor

Online Interior Design

With my online interior design (e-design) services I’m able to help my clients create a professional level of design throughout their home. My team and I will work within your budget & preferences to create a cohesive design plan tailored to your style. I will stick with you for guidance and consultation as you bring your design to life. Visit the “Get Started” page to learn more about our process. I would love to work with you!

With online interior design I am able to serve clients all over California and the rest of the United States. In addition, my on-site interior design services allow me to meet with locals to help choose items like, flooring, tile, fixtures, and furniture in person.

My last few interior design projects have been in local southern California cities like Lake Arrowhead, Pasadena, Chino Hills, Foothill Ranch, Claremont, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach, and Los Alamitos.

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