8 Tips for Living at Home During a Renovation

tips for living at home during a renovation

I’m writing this post for my clients who are living at home during a major renovation. Ideally, you can stay somewhere else during a home remodel project. Whether it’s a family member’s home or rental home, it’s easier to be close-by but not actually living in your space during a renovation.

However, I understand that this isn’t always feasible, so I have a few tips for surviving living at home during a renovation project.

Manage expectations

A lot of dealing with living at home during a remodel is simply knowing what to expect and preparing ahead of time. Renovation projects bring a lot of noise, a lot of dust, and different contractors coming in and out of your home at various times. They can take several weeks up to a couple of months and unexpected situations often come up. It’s important to manage your expectations so you are not stressed or disappointed.

Make design decisions ahead of time

Having a basic plan for what you want will make for a smoother renovation process! There may be small changes that happen along the way but knowing the overall look you want to create is important. Design decisions should be made with thoughtful care ahead of time, instead of at the last minute because the contractor is ready to get moving. Having a solid plan will make the actual renovation process easier!

Order your fixtures and appliances ahead of time

Ordering your fixtures and appliances ahead of time is a good way to run any renovation project but it’s especially important if you are living at home during the process. You don’t want your renovation held up while you are waiting on hardware to arrive!

Prepare a sanctuary within your home

Know exactly when your contractor is planning to start and have your sanctuary space ready to go. Your sanctuary space should be a room or two within the home where the contractors are NOT working. Set up this space with all the things you need to be comfortable. This might include a microwave, mini fridge, and coffee machine so you can create a make-shift kitchen. Other things you might want to have are a safe for your valuables, storage bins for keeping things dust free, and a small folding table for eating meals.

Think ahead for meals

Especially if you are renovating your kitchen, think about what you will do for meals ahead of time. This might require extra budgeting if you need to go out or order out more than usual. If you have an outdoor grill, plan to use it as much as possible. Also, no one will judge you if you eat more microwave meals during this time!

Manage the dust

There are a couple things you can do to manage the dust that comes with a home renovation. First of all, plan to keep the door to your sanctuary space closed most of the time. Ask your contractor to put up a plastic sheet to block off areas where there’s a lot of dust. You can also block off the wall or floor vents inside to your sanctuary space by covering them with light plastic or tape. Consider purchasing an air purifier if you don’t already have one.

Manage the noise

Noise cancelling headphones can be very helpful! You might also plan to be out of the house during times when the noise will be super loud. Be sure to communicate with your contractor so they can warn you about when these times might be coming up.

Try to keep at least one bathroom usable at all times

If remodeling your bathrooms is part of the project, try to do it so that at least one of the bathrooms is still usable, until the other bathrooms are finished. Having a usable bathroom is pretty much essential to living at home during a renovation project!

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