How To Hang Woven Baskets As Wall Decor

How To Hang Woven Baskets As Wall Decor

Decorative basket gallery walls are all the rage right now, so I wanted to share my tip for how to hang woven baskets as wall decor. Obviously if you have a basket with a loose weave, you can easily loop it over a nail or hook. However, baskets with a tight weave require a different solution. 

The best way I’ve found to hang baskets like this is to create a loop in the back for hanging. All you need to create a loop are scissors, a sturdy sewing needle and waxed thread. You can find waxed thread at a craft store or on amazon. It is thicker and stiffer than regular thread. It holds it’s shape, making it perfect for creating a solid loop for hanging.

how to hang woven baskets

how to hang baskets wall decor

how to hang baskets

Start by attaching the thread to the needle. Ideally the hook you create should be on the flat part of the basket bottom and towards the top. 

Note: The waxed thread tends to grip the needle well. I’ve found that using it allows me to pull the needle and thread through the basket without actually having to tie the thread to the needle. 

Start on the back side of the basket and pull the needle and thread through to the front, leaving about 2 – 3 inches of thread in the back. Then loop the needle and thread back through to the back side of the basket again. Finally cut off the needle and tie the two loose end threads together to create a loop. That easy!

For installation, I use clear plastic, removable hooks that don’t damage the wall. The loops on the baskets slip right over the hook. 

I hope this solution works for you if you’re trying to hang baskets. If you have any questions, feel free to message me! -Nicole Mendez, Curator


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