How To Overcome Indecision During Your Home Design Project: 8 Tips for Getting through your design project without stressing about every little thing

How To Overcome Indecision During Your Home Design Project: 8 Tips for Getting through your design project without stressing about every little thing

Overcoming indecision in a design project can be a challenge. When you are working on a home remodel, whether it’s big or small project, there are lots of decisions to be made. All the decisions can be overwhelming, which can lead to indecision and a fear of moving forward. Here are a few tips to remember as you move through your design project. Hopefully these will help you overcome stress and indecision and keep your project moving forward.

Give yourself a deadline

If you allow yourself a month to decide on a new paint color, you will take a month. If you force yourself to decide within a week, you will take a week. Give yourself time to think about your options, and then give yourself a deadline to decide by.

Get one (and only ONE) outside opinion

Pick someone who understands your style and get their opinion. Only involve that ONE person in your project. Too many opinions will cloud your judgement and make it even harder to narrow down what it is you really want.

Use tools to help you visualize

Making a floor plan or vision board can really help you visualize an item in your space. Getting an idea of what it’s going to look like will make it easier to pull the trigger on certain items.

Go with your gut instinct

Usually your first instinct is right, so go with it. Don’t second guess yourself when you have a feeling about something. “Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.” Dr. Joyce Brothers

Make a list of PROS & CONS

This one might sound obvious but make a list of pros and cons for those tougher decisions. Simply making this list will help your decision become easier.

Use the process of elimination

This one might also sound obvious, but I’m surprised at how often my clients need help with the process of elimination. When you are faced with too many options, start narrowing them down by eliminating, one-by-one, the options that don’t suit your needs for whatever reason.

Remember that there is no wrong answer

There really is no wrong answer. Most decisions you will be making during a home design project are about personal preference. So, if you trust your instinct and stay true to what you love, you can never go wrong.

Any decision is better than no decision

Seriously, any decision is better than no decision! I’ve seen people hold off on decorating or remodeling their home for years because they are basically too afraid to commit any decision. There is nothing worse than living in a home that isn’t your personal haven, and that doesn’t really reflect you and your family. You might make some mistakes during your design project but most things are fixable and it’s better than living in a home that shows no personality or sense of who you are.



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