Candle Container Recycling Program + 3 Ways To Reuse Your Candle Container

Candle Container Recycling Program + 3 Ways To Reuse Your Candle Container

We want to make sure you are aware of our candle container recycling program! In efforts to support a more eco-friendly candle making process, we offer container recycling for locals. If you purchase a candle from our shop, and are in the Pomona, California area, you are welcome to bring back your used container for recycling and receive 20% off your next candle. Here’s how it works:

candle recycling program

Candle Container Recycling Program

1. Purchase a candle from our online shop ( or our space inside Pomona Antique Mart: 200 E. 2nd Street, Pomona, California 91766

2. When your candle has burned out completely, bring your container back to the check-out desk at Pomona Antique Mart. Don’t worry if it’s not completely cleaned out. We can handle that for you!

3. Choose a new candle either from our space inside Pomona Antique Mart or from our online shop. If you choose a candle from online, simply message us first with the subject “candle recycling” to receive a special discount code for 20% off.

4. Take advantage of this program over and over! Save $$$ on a handmade product, support a local business and never waist another candle container again! 


Our candle containers are carefully hand-selected vintage pieces. Each one is unique and intended to be repurposed after your candle burns out. Our hope is that you find a container you love. One that you want to keep in your home and use again and again. Here are a few ideas for repurposing your candle container after you have cleaned out the wax and removed the wick.

Ways To Reuse Your Old Candle Container

  • Use as a tea-light candle holder. Glass containers are especially good for using as tea-light candle holders. The reflection they give is typically very pretty and they can be used again and again for this purpose. 
  • Use as a pen, pencil, or marker holder. Taller containers, like mugs, are particularly good for this purpose and can offer a more stylish way to keep your supplies organized.
  • Use as a planter for succulents and small cactus. Just make sure to add small pebbles to the bottom first so extra water has a place to drain.  

Thanks for being apart of our program! You can see the candles available in our online shop here:

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