Outdoor Rechargeable Cordless Lamps

outdoor cordless table lmaps

I’ve been seeing these outdoor rechargeable cordless lamps a lot in all the home store catalogs. Summer nights are all about creating the perfect ambiance, so I decided to try putting a couple on our outdoor dining table. I really love them! I thought I’d share the ones I purchased from Amazon plus a few more that I curated from other shops.

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I bought this set of 2 cordless table lamps from Amazon. This particular finish comes in a pack of two lamps (and two chargers) for $55.99. There are 5 other finishes available and some of them are a little less expensive. I ended up getting the brown finish because I like the way it blends in so well with my outdoor table. These lamps are 4.8″D x 4.8″W x 12″H and the base is weighted, so they won’t blow over in the wind!

outdoor cordless table lamps

These cordless table lamps have been the perfect addition to my patio decor. I’ve used them a little bit each night and so far I’ve had to recharge them about once a week for 30 minutes each. Not too bad! I can’t wait to have our first outdoor family meal with our new table lamps!

Not only are these lamps great for outdoor dining and entertaining, but they’re also perfect for indoor use. They can be easily moved around to different rooms and used as a reading lamp or a nightstand light.

Outdoor rechargeable cordless table lamps come in a range of styles to suit any decor. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or something more traditional, there seems to be something for everyone!

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