What is Petrified Wood + How To Use It In Your Home + Our Favorite Pieces From Well-Known Retailers

What is Petrified Wood + How To Use It In Your Home + Our Favorite Pieces From Well-Known Retailers


I love a good piece of petrified wood! My hometown in Colorado has several small tourist shops that sell petrified wood and last summer I picked up a beautiful piece that I display on our entryway table. You can find pieces of petrified wood that have been made into coasters, tables, bookends, and more. My favorite pieces however, are the simple rounds that you place on a tabletop for added texture and interest. 

What is petrified wood?

Petrified wood is fossilized wood. It forms when plant material is buried by sediment and is protected from decay caused by oxygen and and organisms. It takes millions of years for petrified wood to form naturally. Petrified wood can be polished to get the high gloss finish you see on many of the pieces in stores. 

Spiritual benefits of petrified wood

Petrified wood is thought to have several spiritual benefits. It’s known to be a calming material that increases perseverance and patience. According to sciencing.com, you can use a piece of petrified wood as an aid for your memory and an element to help focus on meditation. It will keep you in touch with your thoughts and help you manifest that which you desire. 

How to use petrified wood in your home

Petrified wood is so pretty and I love any opportunity to decorate with something from nature. You don’t really need to do much with it in order to justify having a piece in your home. BUT if you do find yourself needing to have an actual use for these gorgeous pieces here are a few ideas for how to use a simple round of petrified wood:

  • A coaster for that special cup of morning coffee
  • A small serving board for an afternoon snack
  • A beautiful base for a framed family photo 
  • An above average place to drop your keys or jewelry
  • Display it on a coffee table or nightstand for an added layer of texture 

Favorite pieces from well-known retailers

It’s always fun to hunt for pieces like this from local small shops but if you want to get the look fast, we’ve curated some of our favorite pieces of petrified wood from well-know retailers. Click the images below to shop. 



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