Choosing Task Chairs For Side-By-Side Office Desks

Choosing Task Chairs For Side-By-Side Office Desks

For this project I am looking for task chairs for a virtual design client. The chairs will sit together at side-by-side desks in my client’s living room. We’ve already placed two matching desks with natural wood tops and hairpin style legs in the room. I put together two boards with task chair options. One edition with wheels and the other without. To shop, scroll through the photos below and click the pic for a direct link to each item. These are my designer links and I do get a small commission when an item is purchased. Thanks for your support and I hope you love these ideas! 

Wheels or No Wheels

In this particular situation I feel we can go with or without wheels. Having a wood floor, wheels may cause some scratching. However, to be completely honest, so can a regular stationary chair. Each time you sit down in a stationary chair (unless you sit very carefully) your weight and movement will cause the chair to move and it can scratch the floor. You can use furniture cushions on the bottom of the legs to prevent that. Wheels tend to dent the floor more than scratch it, so with wheels you may see more indentations around the area the chair moves in. 

office chairs with wheels

Side-By-Side Desk Inspiration

Since these chairs will be used for his/her side-by-side desks, I thought I would share a few inspirations photos I found as well. The first one is where I got the idea of using a lucite chair. Definitely a different look, but so cool! My client’s project has its own unique look but it’s always fun to draw inspiration form a variety of sources. Enjoy!
side by side desk inspiration
side by side desk inspiration
side by side desk inspiration


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