Designer’s Guide to Coffee Table Styling

Designer's Guide To Coffee Table Styling

Read on for a complete collection of a designer’s guide to coffee table styling

One of the questions I get asked most as an interior designer is “what is the best way to style my coffee table?” If you’ve been keeping up with my Curated Collections, you know we’ve been dishing out all our favorite tips and tricks. But here’s the thing – styling your coffee table doesn’t have to be some secret, complicated code to crack! There’s no one-size-fits-all, but we’ve bundled up all our guides into one mega post to make decorating as simple as possible.

Circular Coffee Table Styling

Round and round we go – why choose a circular coffee table for your space? Well, for starters, a round table is all about fostering a cozy, inclusive atmosphere. No sharp corners mean a smooth flow in your room, making it an excellent choice for smaller spaces where maneuverability matters. Plus, the lack of edges creates a communal vibe, perfect for gathering friends and family for game nights or cozy living room chats. A circular coffee table also adds some extra visual interest, breaking the monotony of straight lines and giving a touch of playfulness to your decor.

So you’re convinced that a circular coffee table is perfect for your space — now what? Read on for our best circular styling tips!

Balanced Round Coffee Table Styling Tips
  • Map out a triangle to use as a guide to nail this effortless look
  • Arrange decor in groups of three and use books to add some height
  • Add organic elements to make the coffee table-scape feel down to earth
  • Use a large vase with greenery to make a statement and bring the outdoors in
  • For a neat and tidy way to store remotes and other small items, use a tray as a landing zone
  • Set out coasters to protect your table from pesky water rings and moisture stains

Minimalist Round Coffee Table Styling Tips
  • For a minimalist coffee table look, two vases are all that is necessary
  • Pull this look off by anchoring the table with an oversized vase filled with greenery
  • Use a smaller vase in a contrasting style to round out the decor

Maximalist Round Coffee Table Styling Tips
  • Divide the coffee table into four equal parts and arrange decor in sections
  • Set the stage with a large vase holding some branches or greenery
  • Stack books to add height and visual interest
  • Use curio items as an unexpected way to add personality to a table arrangement
  • Add personality with things like vintage knick knacks or treasured souvenirs
  • Use a tray to designate a space for placing beverages or as a base for other decor
  • Include a small bowl or trinket dish to hold odds and ends
  • Group candles of different heights to add depth and coziness

Rectangular Coffee Table Styling

Now, let’s talk rectangles. The classic choice – and for good reason. A rectangular coffee table is a staple of living room furniture. Its elongated shape complements larger seating arrangements, anchoring the space with a sense of structure. If you’re aiming for a more formal or balanced look, this shape provides a solid foundation. Additionally, the extended surface area offers ample space for styling and functionality. A rectangular coffee table really is that ol’ reliable, always there to support and enhance the overall aesthetic of your living room.

Now this classic choice comes with a wide array of options and decor potential! Check out our handy guides below.

Minimal Rectangular Coffee Table Styling Tips
  • Two groupings is all it takes for a stylish coffee table design
  • A large vase with greenery is a perfect focal point for any coffee table
  • Layer with a three-wick candle for an extra dose of coziness
  • Elevate accessories by stacking them on top of books to add height and visual interest
  • Add personality with a figurine or other small sculptural object

Rectangular Coffee Table Styling

Balanced Rectangular Coffee Table Styling Tips
  • Creating three distinct zones on the coffee table makes for a balanced look
  • Bowls are a perfect centerpiece — a footed bowl makes for an even more fun and dynamic choice
  • Bring the outdoors in with a vase full of greenery to anchor the design
  • Stack books to add height and top with a cluster of candles to make the coffee table feel oh so homey
  • Bonus tip: Change out your bowl filler with the seasons

Coffee table styling

Maximalist Rectangular Coffee Table Styling Tips
  • Arrange decor in sections for an organized yet maximalist vibe
  • Section off the table with stacks of books — grouping books by color helps bring control to the chaos
  • Stack accessories on top of books to add personality to the different zones
  • Be sure to mix and match accessories to keep the decor feeling dynamic
  • Organic accents like wood and stone make the table feel down to earth
  • Group trays, bowls and candles to fill in the empty spaces

Square Coffee Table Styling

Square off your space with a square coffee table – a design choice that brings symmetry and style to your home. Symmetry is the name of the game here, creating a sense of order and balance in your living room setup. Square tables offers a bit more tabletop real estate than a circular one, providing a bigger canvas for your decor decisions. If you’re looking for a clean, contemporary look that maximizes space and fosters a cozy, intimate setting, a square coffee table might just be the perfect fit for your home.

While similar to some of our previous styling suggestions, take a look at how these tips translate into styling a square table below.

Tidy Square Coffee Table Styling Tips
  • Create a balanced look by sectioning the coffee table into four distinct areas
  • Group vases and plants for a dynamic and organic aesthetic
  • A tray is a must-have for both showing off accessories and holding functional items like tv remotes
  • Filling two zones with books is a perfect way to utilize surface area and show off your favorite titles

Coffee Table Decor and Accessories

Clustered Square Coffee Table Styling Tips
  • For a simple style solution, cluster accessories toward the center of the table
  • Play with height on your table scape by pairing a tall vase with longer branches or stems
  • A wooden bowl is an easy way to add functionality and storage to your table
  • group smaller items together to balance our larger accessories in other zones

That’s a wrap on our coffee table styling guides! I hope these tips inspire you with some new ideas to freshen up your coffee table game. When it comes to decorating your home, there’s no need to stress about one “perfect” way – it’s all about showing off your style. Still looking for further guidance on how to style your space in a way that’s suited to you? Coffee table styling and more are part of our available virtual (e-design) services. Reach out to get started today!

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