Spring Cleaning Home Organization Favorites

spring cleaning and closet organization ideas

For me, Spring cleaning is really more about home organization. It’s the time of year that I really feel the need to clean out our closets, re-organize the pantry, and basically add a little bit of sanity back to the chaos that was created towards the end of the previous year.

I have a few organization projects planned for this Spring, so I wanted to share some of my home organization favorites for your closet, kid’s room, pantry, and office space.

Closet Organization

I love the look of acrylic organizers in all areas right now! In my closet at home I use acrylic trays to sort scarves, hats, and clutches. I also love these acrylic hat stands that I use to display my brim hats. Between my husband and my son we have about a million baseball caps and I also can’t wait to install the cap hook (just purchased on Amazon) I linked below. We get a lot of moths in our area so if I want my sweaters to stay hole free, they need to be stored in a box with a lid. I don’t collect very many design handbags BUT if I did, I would definitely display them in the enclosed bins below. How pretty!


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Kid’s Room Organization

For me the biggest challenges in organizing my kid’s rooms is dealing with toys, books, and accessories. I’ve linked some items below that can help in these areas. I love the hanging organizer here for accessories and I’ve added another option for hanging those baseball caps too!

kids room organization ideas

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Pantry Organization

Clear containers are great for the pantry because you can see what’s inside and they keep your food fresh for a long time. I use a label maker and label the bottom on certain things. You can even add the date purchased if you want. For inside the fridge, I love the soda dispenser box and the egg container I linked below.

pantry organization ideas

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Office Organization

Office organization, specifically desk organization, is a big one for me. It’s hard for me to focus if my desk isn’t cleared off and organized. I try to take a few minutes at the end of each day to clear off my desk and organize anything I’ve left out so that I can start the next day off fresh!

home office organization ideas

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There’s nothing like heading into the summer with a freshly organized home! It can be overwhelming to tackle clutter however, I urge you to take it one small space at a time. Don’t stress yourself by trying to do it all at once. Give yourself a time limit for working each day or each week. It’s easier to start if you know you are just seeing what you can get done in 30 minutes.

Go little by little and before you know it, you will have a beautifully organized home in no time. But remember, organization requires upkeep! It’s not a one and done type thing, so set aside time each month to go through areas that need a little attention.

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