5 Things to Update In Your Home This Winter

The holidays may be over, but winter has only just begun! It’s never too late to get your home ready for the season, which is why I’m sharing 5 things to update in your home this winter. With chilly days spent inside, there’s no better time to make some changes to your space. From windows to area rugs, these floor to ceiling tips are essential when it comes to making your home a winter retreat.

1. Windows

The windows in our homes are so important when it comes to maintaining comfortable temperatures indoors. Upgrading to energy-efficient windows can significantly improve insulation, keeping the heat in and the cold drafts at bay. Look for windows with double or triple glazing to provide an extra layer of protection against the winter chill. Investing in quality windows not only enhances the value of your home, but will also lead to long-term energy savings.

2. Window Coverings

After upgrading your windows, it’s time to dress them up! Window coverings that provide insulation and add a touch of elegance are the perfect choice for winter time. Heavy drapes or thermal curtains are excellent options for retaining heat and keeping cold air out. Choose rich, textured fabrics and darker colors to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. As a bonus, the extra insulation heavier curtains provide can improve your home’s energy efficiency throughout the winter season.

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3. Outdoor Lighting

Winter nights are darker, but that doesn’t mean your outdoor spaces need to hibernate. Upgrade your outdoor areas with thoughtfully placed lights that make your outdoor spaces usable all season long. String lights, lanterns, and outdoor heaters can make transform the outdoors into the perfect place for a winter hangout. Light the path to a roaring fire pit or illuminate the patio with some warm toned LED’s to enjoy the outside long after the sun sets. Not only do outdoor lights add to the atmosphere, but they also are essential for safety during the darker months. Good lighting on walkways and entryways can prevent many an accident when it comes to slippery rain and ice.

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4. Area Rugs

Bare floors can make your home feel cold and uninviting during winter. Update your floor coverings with plush area rugs to add texture, warmth, and a big splash of comfort to your living spaces. Choose rugs with thicker pile and warm hues to create a snug environment. With the right textures and patterns, your home can feel like a wintertime ski retreat. Your toes will thank you!

Area Rugs 5 Things to Update in your Home This Winter

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5. Throw Blankets

Is there anything that screams cozy comfort more than a soft throw blanket? I. love to drape soft, textured blankets over any surface I can to add warmth and comfort during the winter time. Choose blankets in seasonal colors (jewel tones, warm browns, etc.) and materials like faux fur or chunky knits to really lean into the season!

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In short, these five upgrades don’t just help you get through the long winter at home, they’re about embracing it fully! From energy-efficient windows to blankets that feel like a warm hug, we hope these ideas help you get your home outfitted for the season. Wishing everyone a warm and stylish rest of their winter!

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