How To Style A Square Coffee Table

How To Style A Square Coffee Table

We recently purchased a HUGE square concrete coffee table for our formal living room. I’m in love with it and I’ve been having so much fun playing around with styling! Below is my basic formula for how to style a square coffee table. The same formula can be used no matter the size. You would just need to choose smaller items. 


  • Arrange decor in four groupings
  • Stack groupings in varying heights
  • Set groupings towards the middle, leaving space around the edges
  • Use a tray for gathering smaller items
  • Always incorporate a little nature 

For a square coffee table I like to arrange decor in four groupings. These groupings should be placed near the center of the table, leaving enough space around the outside to set down a cup of coffee, tea, or other small items. I always like to incorporate some element of nature and a stack of my favorite coffee table books. 

how to style a square coffee table

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