Shop Favorites For Coffee Table Styling

Shop Favorites For Coffee Table Styling

1. 1970’s Brass Crane    2. Black Stoneware Pot    3. Small Woven Storage Basket    4. Stoneware Candlestick Holder    5. Marble Ashtray    6. Small Decorative Brush    7. Vintage Copy of The Life Millennium Book    8. Vintage Art Book    9. 1970’s Monkey Pod Tray

I’ve been helping a virtual design client with styling her coffee table this week and it’s inspired me to curate this group of vintage decor items from our online shop. These are a few of my current shop favorites for coffee table styling. I’m especially loving the divided Monkey Pod tray here. The fact that it has little sections for keeping small trinkets is so handy. I don’t really consider myself to be a huge knick-knack collector, but I do always seem to have some little treasures that need a home. I hope you enjoy this collection! – Curator, Nicole Mendez

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