Interior Design: Bold Wallpaper In A Small Room

Interior Design: Bold Wallpaper In A Small Room

I’ve always wanted to install wallpaper in our powder room. There’s something about bold wallpaper in a small room that I just love. So last month, after living in our home for over 10 years, I finally decided to go for it. I found a bold black and white printed paper from a company called Copper Corners Art. This print, called “Laundry,” actually comes in several different color ways. I think the black and white version is a bit funky, yet still has a classic and sophisticated feel. 

bold wallpaper small roombold wallpaper in a small room

I’ve hung wallpaper before and knowing my lack of patients and skill, I decided to hire a professional to install this time. We have textured walls throughout the house, so I also decided to hire a dry wall specialist to come out and skim coat the room first. Of course this added extra cost but having the paper installed over smooth walls was important to me.  If you have textured walls and hang wallpaper over the texture, you will see the texture through the wallpaper. This is unless you are using a thicker textured paper, like a grasscloth. 

bold wallpaper in a small room

We had previously installed six-inch base molding and large crown molding in the powder room, which really helps give a high end look. As for the wallpaper, I actually decided to have it hung in the opposite direction that is shown in the photo on the Copper Corners website. It was just a personal preference but I like the way it looks with the floral pattern blooming upward rather than down. At the top we left a small strip of solid black before the pattern starts. At the bottom the pattern runs right down into the baseboard. This was all planned based on my personal likes but if you do order this particular wallpaper, I recommend ordering a little bit longer than your actual wall height, just so you have room to adjust to your own liking. 

bold wallpaper in a small roombold wallpaper in a small room

After the paper was installed I ordered a black toilet seat (which I’ve always wanted) and a black framed mirror (which still hasn’t arrived.) I do plan to hang one or two pieces of artwork and find a pretty bathroom rug to add some color. I also went ahead and re-hung the wood blinds we originally had in the room. They are a similar wood tone to the floor and they have a decorative black cotton trim which ties in the black wallpaper. I’m not sure I would choose that style again if I were to order something new….but I’m ok with how they look for now. 

I hung our collection of family silhouettes right outside the powder room. They bring the stark black and white colors scheme into the hallway and provide a nice transition into the bathroom. 

bold wallpaper in a small room

This wallpaper really adds a fun pop of whimsy to the house. Our powder room is right off the main entryway and we get a glimpse of it every time we pass through the hall. It might seem crazy to give so much attention to such a small part of the house, but it makes me happy, so it was worth it! 

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