Interior Design: New Entryway Color – Chimichurri by Benjamin Moore

Interior Design: New Entryway Color - Chimichurri by Benjamin Moore

Well, I’m officially at the re-paint every room in my house stage of quarantine. Last week I decided to tackle our entryway with a new color. In the end, thanks to a friends recommendation, I ended up choosing Chimichurri by Benjamin Moore.

I knew I wanted to go with a dark shade of green. Originally I chose a color called Equestrian by Behr. It’s a beautiful color but it ended out being brighter than I was envisioning. I actually debated living with it for a while, but deep down I knew I needed to change it to really be satisfied.

So for coats #2 and #3 I changed to Chimichurri by Benjamin Moore. I chose the option with the best coverage and just painted right over the other shade of green. I’m much happier with this color. It’s darker, and more muted, which is just my style. 

chimichurri by Benjamin Moore

chimichurri by Benjamin Moore

If you are looking for a dark, rich, moody shade of green, I recommend Chimichurri by Benjamin Moore! Like all color its appearance changes quite a bit depending on lighting. Our entryway tends to be pretty dark unless the front door is open so the color might look brighter in a room with more natural light. 

chimichurri by benjamin moore wall color

Now I can’t wait to get our artwork back up! I’m planning a floor to ceiling gallery wall for the largest wall in the Entry. It might take a while to complete, as I will need to get a few pieces framed, and might even need to collect more before I can fill the whole wall. Follow me on Instagram for regular updates until it’s finished. 

chimichurri by benjamin moore

And before I go, just a quick note about changing your mind when it comes to paint color: IT’S OKAY TO CHANGE YOUR MIND! 

Paint is relatively inexpensive compared to other home improvement projects. Especially if you are DIYing it because you are just out the cost of supplies and your time. 

I was kind of hard on myself when I didn’t end up liking the first color I chose. Partially just because I didn’t want to be wrong! I tried to talk myself into liking it but in the pit of my stomach I knew it wasn’t the right color. 

Normally when choosing a new color I would have gone to the paint store, taken my time in the color swatch section, and ordered several samples to test out at home. But with the stay-at-home order still in place, I rushed into the store, quickly grabbed a couple swatches and tried to make my decision based on just on that. 

Even the second color was chosen in a non-traditional way. I was sent a recommendation via social media and literally made my decision based on photos before knowing what the color looked like in person.

I’m thankful it was a good recommendation and I love the new color. I’m also thankful that I know myself well enough to know that I couldn’t live with the old color, even though I was getting compliments on it. With this project I learned that I still make decorating mistakes. And it’s okay. Most things can be fixed one way or another, so don’t be afraid to just go for it. Thanks for reading! -Nicole Mendez, Curator


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