Mountain Modern Dining Room with Cowhide Rug

Mountain Modern Dining Room with Cowhide Rug

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Minimal meets mountains in this mountain modern dining room with a cowhide rug! Materials were the building blocks of this understated design, with a focus on rustic and organic elements mixed with simple furniture pieces.  Light neutrals with bold accents create a contemporary feeling amid the rustic references.

First off, I am loving the Dyanna dining chairs from World Market. With their lightly weathered frames and that ivory linen upholstery, they’re ideally casual for this dining space. These cute chairs effortlessly bring together that mountainy rustic vibe with a contemporary touch, keeping this modern lounge quintessentially California-Casual.

Next up, the tone of the Honeybloom Massena dining table matches the chairs perfectly. The clean lines give it a modern elegance that complements its cozy charm. The natural wood trestle design feels like an open invitation to gather around for homey nights in with the family.

We’ve taken the cozy comfort up a notch with layered rugs. First up, we have this beige cowhide rug – it brings a little outdoors in, without sacrificing comfort ands style! We’ve paired it with this neutral jute rug, perfect for layering with neutral tones and organic texture.

So into the look (and name!) of the “Moderately Modern” chandelier – it’s a great blend of classic elegance and contemporary flair. I love the drama the black frame brings as it draws the eye up in the space.

Storage can be stylish – and this black sideboard cabinet proves it. With its iron rattan doors and ample storage space, this piece is a treasure chest for storing dining essentials. It could be filled with table linens, or perhaps some barware if you’re looking for some fun!

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Click the images above to shop each item. This post contains affiliate links.

Onto the details! Linen napkins bring a laid-back elegance to these table settings. Their casual vibe really complements the organic feel of these Stoneware Dinner Plates. I’m all about a plate with some personality, and the irregular rims on these glossy plates make for such a unique touch! We’re spicing up these place settings with bold black flatware to contrast the light and easy tones. The black color ties into the chandelier and cabinet, bringing the drama throughout the whole room.

My favorite piece though that really sets the mountain modern vibe would have to be these cast antlers. Their rustic feel and unbleached finish brings in a cozy lightness that completes the space. The more the merrier when it comes to hanging these guys – the more that go up, the more dramatic the effect!

Doesn’t matter what design path we’re on, I’m all about making spaces that scream comfort – spaces where you can just chill and feel at home. With a mix of earthy textures, modern furniture, and those charming rustic touches, this mountain modern dining room is ready and primed for good times and homey vibes.

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