New Items At Pomona Antique Mart

New Items At Pomona Antique Mart

It’s been a slow start to the New Year for me. I finally got all my holiday decor down and brought some new inventory into my space at Pomona Antique Mart. I wanted to share some of the new items with you here, in case you haven’t been into the store for a while. 

Vintage School Desk & Chair

I recently re-finished this vintage school desk and chair. You can read more about that project here. It’s a beautiful little desk with an original inkwell and top that lifts up to expose a small storage space inside. The desk measures 24 inches wide, 18 inches in depth and 30 inches tall. The chair has a seat height of 18 inches. I’m selling the set for $199 or feel free to message me to make an offer. I love this set and if it doesn’t sell in the shop, I might just keep it for my son’s room!

new items at Pomona Antique Mart

Vintage Trunks 

I have two new vintage trunks available. The one on the bottom is pretty much your standard black trunk. The outside has lots of scuffs and markings. The inside has been papered and is in decent condition. The bottom trunk measures 32 inches wide, 19.5 inches in depth and 20 inches tall. It would make a great side table or coffee table! I have it marked at $99. 

The trunk on top is very unique. I believe it’s from the 1920s. It’s made of solid wood and has most of the original brass fixtures. The Art Deco style details are beautiful! The inside bottom has been covered with fabric. Wear and tear is consistent with age. The top trunk measures 22 inches wide, 16 inches in depth and 16.5 inches tall. Asking $199 for this one. 
new items at Pomona Antique Mart

Pottery Barn Bassinet

I decided to sell the Pottery Barn bassinet I used for both my kids. I’ve already donated most of our kids baby stuff but I love this bassinet so much I felt like it belonged in my shop. It made me a little teary eyed bringing it in but I just have no use for it anymore. It’s in perfect condition and you can still buy the right size bedding for it at Pottery Barn. 

new at pomona antique mart

I have some other small items that are new but these are the main things for now. Pomona Antique Mart is located at 200 E. 2nd Street in downtown Pomona, California. Open everyday 10:30am-5pm. You will find my collection in space #24. You can find more items in my online collections here

You can also follow me on Instagram for daily updates on what’s current. That’s where I tend to show more of the shop and you might catch something you like there as well. Thanks for reading!

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