Collectors Street Faire This Saturday

Collectors Street Faire This Saturday

I just wanted to pop in today and let you know that the Collectors Street Faire is this Saturday January 25th from 8am to 3pm in downtown Pomona. If you have been meaning to make a trip out, this is a great time to come! There will be lots of vendors lining the streets with vintage goods, and the local restaurants will be open. I definitely plan to come out and see what treasures I can find.

Pomona Antique Mart will also be open early and my little shop (space #24) in the front right corner is stocked. I have a few new items and fresh displays so I hope you stop by! 

If you are looking for a place to eat while you are downtown I recommend The Slummin’ Gourmet. They have a small menu but everything is fresh and delicious. Definitely worth a visit! 

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