Recent Thrifted Finds

Recent Thrifted Finds

I went to three estate sales, two thrift stores, and one vintage market over the weekend. It was a great couple days of treasure hunting! I found lots of pretty home decor pieces. Some I will be holding onto for a while but most will be hitting my online shop and/or Pomona shop within the next two weeks.

I ended up scoring an awesome solid wood military trunk with the most beautiful chippy green patina. A gorgeous hand glazed stoneware jar that is signed and dated. Lots of brass candlestick holders, amber glass bowls, and fun pieces of copper. Plus, some new mugs and teacups that will perfect for candle making.

I’m really excited about a new collection I’ve started curating for my online shop. I don’t want to give it away yet, but I think it will be perfect for Spring and Summer, and I’m hoping to release it by the end of March. I love thrifting but what I love even more is curating the treasures I find. I love mixing and matching pieces to create fun tablescapes, pretty vignettes and custom decorative groupings. Having a project that I’m hunting for is what inspires me to get out there at 8am on a Saturday morning to search through packed garages and run down sheds.

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