Vintage Home Decor: Fall Favorites From The Shop

Vintage Home Decor: Fall Favorites From The Shop

Happy October everyone! Fall is officially our favorite season around here. In fact our love for warm color tones, vintage ceramic mugs, cozy candles and anything leaf shaped, means we are pretty much decorating for fall ALL year round. Here are some of our favorite pieces of fall inspired vintage home decor from our online shop.

Native Decorative Gourds

We’ve started a small collection of decorative gourds. We love the colors, textures, and designs in these beautiful pieces of native folk art. A few of our gourds, known as “Mates Burilados,” are from Peru. We also have one large hand painted gourd by Native American artist, David Snooks from the Washoe Tribe of Nevada & California. 

Amber Glass Fairy Lamps

There’s nothing cozier on a cool fall evening than a glowing amber fairy lamp. Group a few of them together and it’s even better! These dome candle holders create a soft warm glow and the beautiful patterns of light call for long gazes while pondering and dreaming. 

Seasonal Fall Art

We’re all about adding a piece of seasonal artwork into our Fall decorating. It’s doesn’t have to be a permanent addition. You can prop up a festive farmhouse scene in your home office or add still life to your kitchen counter for the season.  

Leaf Shaped Trays

I guess it’s our love for for nature because we simply can’t pass up a leaf shaped tray. We have a couple in our shop at Pomona Antique Mart and this beautiful 1970’s monkey pod tray is in our online shop. Whether it’s metal or wood, these divided leaf trays are perfect for keeping small trinkets or serving food. 


We hope you enjoy these listings! What are your favorite items to use when decorating for fall?

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