5 Things to Upgrade in Your Home This Fall

5 Things to Upgrade in Your Home This Fall

If you are looking for ways to level up your home style, here are 5 things to upgrade in your home this Fall. I’ll give you the quick list first but read on further to see why I think now is the perfect time of year to focus on these things.

  1. Your Dining Table
  2. Your Bathroom Amenities
  3. Your Bedding
  4. Your Dinnerware
  5. Your Accent Lighting

For me, Fall is the season for getting cozy, preparing for colder months, and getting excited to see friends and family at holiday gatherings. As the days getting shorter, we spend more time inside, appreciating our surroundings.


Dining Table

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your dining table if you need to. Especially if you host holiday dinners! Dining tables can sometimes take 8-10 weeks for delivery, so if you want a new one for Thanksgiving or Christmas, better not wait much longer!

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Bathroom Amenities

Now is a good time to upgrade things like hand towels, hand soap, candles, or even splurge on a cozy bathrobe for yourself or guests. I don’t however recommend starting a full bathroom remodel this time of year. A full renovation could take 3-6 months and it’s not pleasant having your bathroom torn apart during the holidays!

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With shorter days and longer nights ahead, now is a great time to upgrade your bedding. Buy fresh sheets, layer more blankets, and invest in a few extra throw pillows to create a super cozy look. Enjoy your bed longer on cold weekend mornings!

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If you are entertaining for the holidays this season, make sure you have all that you need now. My wine glasses often get broken here and there, so it seems like I always need to replace a few this time of year. I also like to look early to see if I can find any cute holiday themed plates or mugs that I can mix in with things I already have.

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Accent Lighting

Floor and table lamps add such a cozy vibe to the home, especially in the Fall and Winter. In fact, I find that I like to use pretty much ONLY accent lighting when entertaining.

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I hope these suggestions inspire your home style this season! We actually did get a new dining table over the summer, so I’m good in that department, but I will definitely be doing a little of the other things on this list as well. Hope you have a great Fall! -Nicole


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