Designer’s Guide to Popular Green Paint Colors

Designer's Guide to Popular Green Paint Colors

Picking the right paint color is no small job, and is often the first place to start when crafting a new room design. In this designer’s guide to popular green paint colors, we’re taking a closer look world of green – a color that embodies harmony, balance, and nature.

With the holidays right around the corner, I have green on the brain! Green trees, green pillows, green garland, green napkins – the list goes on and on. Beyond their relevance to the winter holidays, greens have been inescapable in interior design all throughout 2023, and I don’t see anything changing in 2024. This cozy color can strike a perfect balance between calming, comforting and and elegant, creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in your home. Let’s dive into all the factors at play when figuring out the perfect shade of green for your space!

The Psychology of Green

Green is a versatile color that can bring up feelings of calmness and tranquility. As a color that is closely associated with nature, growth, and renewal, it can set a soothing mood in your room. Lighter shades of green can create an open and fresh ambiance, while darker shades can provide a sense of warmth and sophistication. It is essential to consider the mood you want to create in each room before selecting a color.

Assessing Natural Light

The amount and direction of natural light that a room receives can significantly affect the way a paint color appears. For north-facing rooms, warmer greens may be the best choice to counter the cool lighting. For south-facing rooms, cooler shades can create a refreshing contrast without making the room feel cold. Take the time to observe how light interacts with your space before choosing your green palette.

Harmonizing with Existing Elements

Your furniture, decor, and flooring make up the canvas for your chosen shade of green. If you’re working with pieces you already have in you space, the selected shade should complement these elements rather than clash with them. Earthy greens can complement wooden furniture, while soft and light greens can provide a refreshing contrast against darker furnishings. Consider the existing color palette of your home as a guide to finding the perfect green hue that enhances the atmosphere you’re looking to create.


Designer's Guide to Popular Green Sage Paints

Popular Sage Green Paints

Sage green is a timeless choice that blends well with both traditional and modern settings. Its calmness create a light and airy backdrop that pairs well with neutral and earth tones.

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog SW 9130

Evergreen Fog was Sherwin Williams’ color of the year for 2022, and its staying power is evident! This classic gray-green is soothing and chic, and its near neutral characteristics make it hard to tire of. How cute is the color on the wainscoting in this Stoffer Home bathroom?

Matthew Patrick Smyth Sparking Sage Popular Green Paint Colors

Valspar Sparkling Green Sage 5005-3b

Looking for a tone that’s a little lighter? Take some inspo from this Matthew Smyth living room in Valspar Sparkling Green Sage! The muted light paint is a beautiful substitute for a regular white.

Farrow and Ball French Gray Popular Green Paints

Farrow and Ball French Gray No 18

Another favorite off-gray of mine is Farrow and Ball’s French Gray! While named French Gray, the paint does lean heavily (while still quite muted) towards the green side of things, and is listed specifically in the greens section of their website. Subtle and sophisticated, I love how it’s been paired with this dark trim for a pop.

Popular Olive Green Paints

A step deeper than sage green, mossy and olive greens exude warmth, making them an excellent choice for social areas like living rooms and dining spaces. It creates a cozy and inviting ambiance that makes you feel right at home.

Popular Green Paint

Farrow and Ball Bancha No 298

Another winner from Farrow and Ball, the color Bancha is a rich, mid-century type of green. Named after Japanese tea leaves, this green is so inviting in this Atelier Oleana kitchen design.

Great Barrington Green Benjamin Moore Havenly Popular Green Paint

Benjamin Moore Great Barrington Green HC-122

Benjamin Moore Great Barrington Green looks so good in this Havenly bedroom design! The organic green brings in a natural and warm feel, perfect for a cozy bedroom.

Clare Daily Greens Jasmine Bible Design Popular Green Paint

Clare Daily Greens

Daily Greens by Clare is a paint so good you could eat it! It looks great on the exterior of this funky house by Jasmine Bible Design.

Popular Forest Green Paints

Popular Forest Green Paints

Now for our darkest favorites! Forest green is a bolder and richer option that adds drama to a room. It serves as a rich canvas for metallic accents and jewel-toned decor and transforms a room into a sophisticated retreat.

Popular Green Paints Benjamin Moore Boreal Forest

Benjamin Moore Boreal Forest AF-480

Designed to resemble an English bar, this GordonDunning kitchen stuns in Benjamin Moore Boreal Forest! I love this deep, natural tone and how it enriches this sophisticated yet earthy space.

Popular Green Paint Colors Sherwin Williams Laurel Woods SW 7749

Sherwin Williams Laurel Woods SW 7749

A mix between a deep green and a charcoal, Sherwin Williams Laurel Woods is a gorgeous neutral green. As seen in this bathroom by Oakley Home Builders, the dark tone is perfect for cozy spaces.

Popular Green Paint Colors Farrow and Ball Beverly No 310

Farrow and Ball Beverly No 310

Looking to go bold? Farrow and Ball Beverly No 310 may be the perfect paint for you. This saturated leafy green appears brighter in sunlight and deeper and more muted in darker rooms.

Testing, Testing Testing

Testing paint samples is an essential step in selecting the right shade of green. Most reputable paint stores offer small sample pots, allowing you to apply and observe different shades on your walls. Take the time to assess how the color transforms with the changing light throughout the day. This patient observation is so necessary to making sure your final decision aligns perfectly with your vision. Designer tip: paint cardboard or small boards with the colors your considering to move about the room and observe in different light!

The Art of the Accent Wall

If committing to an entire room in green feels daunting, maybe an accent wall is for you! An accent wall can serve as a dramatic pop of color, injecting personality into the space without overwhelming it. This approach allows you to experiment with color to change up your space, providing a taste of green without a complete commitment to the color.

Need a little more help in choosing? While this designer’s guide to popular green paint colors is a great place to start, I’m happy to offer additional advice! Paint selection is included in many of our online design services, here to help you envision and create your perfect space. Feel free to reach out and get started today!

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